Carlos Costa

Artistic Direction

Founder of Visões Úteis in 1994. Artistic and Production Director of Visões Úteis, where he works as playwright, director and performer. Born in Porto in 1969.

His artistic activity began in 1992 in CITAC, a theatre company from the University of Coimbra, with the classes of Paulo Lisboa, João Grosso and Andrejev Kowalski and afterwards from Anatoli Vassiliev, Marcia Haufrecht and Abraxa Teatro, among others.

From 1999, and always in Visões Úteis, he starts researching, translating, writing and directing in several original projects both in theatre and performance in landscape.

In 2006 he begins to coordinate the portuguese participation in several european projects. In 2009, he is also responsible for the Education Service and the Associated Artists Programme of Visões Úteis, trying to integrate the artistic strategies from the contemporary performing arts in the surrounding communities, thus reinforcing the role of art as a factor of inclusion, sustainable development, political participation and happiness, namely through community performance and research projects.

Member of the board of directors of PLATEIA (association for cultural politics); Member of the corporate bodies of GDA (cooperative managing intellectual property); Active member of IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, where he was member of the Advisory Board beetween 2013 and 2016; during that period he was also a member of the advisory board of Fundação GDA (foundation supporting artists).

Since 2016, he is a teacher in the University of Coimbra (Theatre History; Dramaturgy and playwrighting) and between 2005 and 2013, he was a teacher of dramaturgy in the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo, a professional school in Porto.

Studied History in the Open University; Graduation in law (1992) and postgraduation in European Studies (1993) by the University of Coimbra; Master in Drama (2009) by the University of Porto with dissertation on Theatre Studies, more precisely on Devised Theatre.

PHD in Theatre and Performance Studies (2014), by the University of Coimbra, with thesis on Performance Studies, more precisely on the Aesthetics and Politics of Participation.