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Education Service

Education Service

In Visões Úteis we have a strong feeling of responsibility, not only as artists but also as a project supported by the state. As artists, we impose on the daily critical gesture of creation not only an aesthetical responsibility but also a political one. As a company supported by the state, every day we remember the effort that tax payers are doing and the trust they put on us in order to achieve public interest.

This is why, since 2009, the aesthetical project of Visões Úteis articulates itself with an Education Service, trying to deepen the bonds with the community in which we live and work. Here the processes of contemporary art are used as tools for the autonomy of all the citizens and specially for those who live in peripheral contexts (of geography, gender, generation, culture or race).

The priority activities (and their prices) of our Education Service are:

  • First priority (free): Dynamization of activities with the senior citizens of our local community 
  • Second priority (reduced prize): Theatre classes for youngsters and adults looking for a first experience
  • Third priority (market price): Dynamization of the performing arts professions

We want to be with you. Every year we develop courses and workshops which meet these action lines. Please contact us to find out more about the dates and times.

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Visões Úteis is funded by

Secretário de Estado da CulturaDirectorate-General for the Arts (DGARTES)

Visões Úteis is a member of

Plateia - Associação dos Profissionais das Artes CénicasIETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing ArtsAnna Lindh Foundation

Visões Úteis é associado

Associação dos Amigos do Teatro da Liberdade da Palestina - The Freedom Theatre e ZERO - Associação Sistema Terreste Sustentável